Starry Night, Kodiak Harbor Lights

It was worth waiting a year for this night. It was clear and cold and still, this night, already dark by 4:30. Hundreds came from their warm houses, filling cars with their bundles of coats and gloves. Coming to the Harbor, to the boats that fill our city of Kodiak and make a city of their own.



james brooks

james brooks


Christmas is contagious like this. It does not want to be contained in little boxes, even in our houses. It keeps spilling out . . . 





Who knew it could climb rigging like this----and twine around reels that sink lines into the deep? Who knew such colors could light up the waterfront night?





We strolled down each finger, drank hot chocolate, took photos of our neighbors’ boats. We  walked arm in arm. Stopped to talk. To get a (chocolate) kiss from Father and Mother Christmas . . .  






And wasn’t it true, that the brightest light of all came from each other, the way we passed, talked, held hands, smiled at each other . . .



All of this a hint, just a glint, a tiny star that hovers over what we all need even when we cannot name it . .. .

but even there among the boats, the story shines . . . 



For this is why he was born that day, that long ago day in a cave, not a harbor.

And because of him, every place still tells his story,  

and everywhere the story plays,


it  lights the way.




Friends, how can I say all that I wish for you?  

This Christmas season, may we all

“give glory to God in the highest,"

and on earth, may his peace and favor rest

on all who love him.