Interview with the Incomparable Luci Shaw & 10-Book-Giveaway!

How do I thank you all for your response to my last post? Your generosity has overwhelmed me! And now, may I give back? As promised, ten books will be given away, with your help. AND---here is the promised exclusive interview with Luci Shaw (age 87), recorded on Harvester Island this fall during the Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop. But--for those of you who don't know Luci, here's a tiny sketch.


Luci Shaw is something of an icon in Art and Faith circles. I can't convey her whole amazing life in letters, but the thumbnail version is this: She’s a poet, with 11 volumes of wondrous poetry as well as a handful of beautiful groundbreaking books on creativity, the life of faith, the theology of Art (among others!) All are significant contributions to our understanding and practice of creativity. I'm grateful to Luci for many reasons, but one is her rescue of poetry from Church bulletins, releasing those poor strangled over-rhymed words back into the wild to range throughout God’s creation as freely as the Holy Spirit. 


photos by Luci Shaw

photos by Luci Shaw


And all along the way, Luci has mentored uncountable people stumbling toward the Cross. 

Here, Luci is, as always, thoroughly honest, thoroughly herself. She shares how she started writing; Clyde Kilby’s role in her career. She critiques Christian publishing; shares her spiritual awakening at age 86 and how that’s impacted her writing life. She speaks about death and dying. And, what body part does she choose to describe her role in the kingdom of God? You won’t believe it.

 Enjoy these 30 minutes with this wise and gracious woman, whom I love.



Now, who can I send Crossing the Waters to? Do you know someone who needs a fresh encounter with Jesus, who is weary with life, who is ready for a adventurous trip to Alaska and the Sea of Galilee? And---you know they won't order a book---or they cannot. Would you email me their name and mailing address and I'll send out as many as I can. ( 

(And If someone has a very special need, let me know, and I may be able to send along some Wild Harvest salmon and jams as well . .. ) 


Now may the God of hope fill you

with all joy and peace in believing,

that you may abound in hope,

through the power of the Holy