Parenting Seminar

"Leslie brings much needed refreshment to parents who feel the intense pressure to be perfect. Her mixture of expertise, experience and passion left our parents with the perfect balance of peace and longing.  Peace coming from the simple truth that God is powerfully at work in our lives and the lives of our families.  Longing as every parent was inspired to seek God and trust him as we learn to be faithful parents.

I am so grateful for Leslie's investment in the lives of our families."

             -David Grant, Lead Team - Next Gen - Mission, Irving Bible Church, Texas

From Perfect Mother to Real Mother

"I wish Leslie had written this book twenty years ago.  What she has written will free all of us to parent with joy, clarity, and freedom."
          -Nancy Ortberg, author of Looking for God:  An Unexpected Journey through Tatoos, Tofu, and Pronouns

"Leslie Leyland Fields offers counsel to parents that is liberating and demanding and theologically profound."
          -Ben C. Ollenburger, professor of Biblical Theology, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana

"Do not put down nor put off reading this delightfully smart book!  Leslie Leyland Fields manages to challenge, teach, and inspire with hearty doses of wise and doable advice."
           -Julie Barnhill, speaker, MOMSense columnist, and author of One Tough Mother and She's Gonna Blow

Stop looking to your kids for your happiness and fulfillment!

"Some of CT's best pieces on parenting have been written by Leslie Leyland Fields. If you've not yet read her CT classics "The Case for Kids: A defense of the large family by a 'six-time breeder'" and "The Myth of the Perfect Parent," do not stop at Go and read immediately."
        -Mark Galli, editor of CT in inaugural issue of The Galli Report

The Case for Kids
A defense of the large family by a 'six-time' breeder.
I first heard of the word in my college classroom a few years ago.  I was an assistant professor of English at a state university, and, not incidentally, the mother of five children at the time.  We were doing the usual around-the-room introductions in this opening class, which served as my forecast and early warning system for the upcoming semester.  Several of the women had listed their occupations, their passions, and then mentioned they were also mothers.  Then it was Rosalyn's turn.  "Hi, I'm Rosalyn, and I've been a truck driver and a commercial fisherman, and I'm not a breeder."  Everyone looked at me, silent, eyes wide.  I smiled out of reflex, but suddenly it hit my brain like a smart bomb:  A breeder?  So that's the term now!  Like dogs or horses, purely animal-species survival. (read)

The Myth of the Perfect Parent
My family and I were traveling in Guatemala a few years ago. We visited a man who had given his life to serving a poor congregation. We sat at the kitchen table with him, a man who had been bent into humility by the burdens of pastoring in a struggling nation while raising four children. Still in the muddy trenches of parenthood with our five sons and one daughter, we confessed to him our feelings of inadequacy. (read)

Some of the places that Leslie has presented a Parenting Seminar

*Irving Bible Church, Irving Texas

*Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, California

*Kansas City Youth Front, Kansas City, MO

*Community Covenant Church, Eagle River, AK

*Family of Faith National Conference, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

*Peachtree Presbyterian, Atlanta GA

*Pure Vision National Teleconference

*Our Savior Lutheran Church, Naperville, IL

*Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville, OH

*Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN

*Fellowship Church, Little Rock, AK

*Pure Heart Ministries, Harding University