animal rain

When Animals Fall from the Sky+ The Last (Best)Thing We Think We Don't Need

Animals fall from the sky sometimes. 

The Modern Farmer assures us that this is all true (though this photo is from a Grade D sci-fi movie "Sharknado.")  Tadpoles have fallen over Japan; spiders over Brazil; frogs over Serbia, ancient Egypt and Kansas City; brown worms over Indiana; scarlet worms over Massachusetts; red worms over Sweden; snails over England; a shower of raw meat (thought to be venison or mutton) over Kentucky; blackbirds over Arkansas; eels over Alabama; snakes over Tennessee and fish over Australia, India and Honduras.

It's all a matter of record.

Find out how and why here

in "The Science of Animal Rain."

Life is so strange. 

Last night I had a bad dream. I dreamt I couldn't sleep. Then I woke up----so-----the dream wasn't true?

I am so confused sometimes. When I think I have this world figured out----for a moment---snakes drop from the clouds, it blizzards in May, I dream about insomnia, and I am a stumbling beginner all over again. 

Today, I began again. I beat back tears reading these words by author

Trevin Wax

. I wanted to start my life over. Or, maybe just the last 10 years? This is what we are missing, dear friends, readers, and anyone confused, hungry, weary with themselves: Repentance. We are not a repentant people. We run from guilt. We don't want to forgive. We don't want to submit or prostrate ourselves before anyone. We fear all of this will rob us of our power. But here is power. 

Listen to these words. they are Trevin's. The images are mine. I promise you, you will feel bathed, cleansed, weakened, and restored. 


Christians, We Are Repenters---------

                                    We are repenters.

We repent of all the good things we have failed to do, and so we ask God to open our eyes to the opportunities for us to shine His light in a dark world.


We are repenters.

We repent of serving ourselves and our own interests, and so we ask God to empower us to serve others in the name of His Son.


We are repenters.

We repent of making God out to be more like us, and so we ask God to change our hearts and make us more like Him.


We are repenters.

We repent of our silly attempts to justify ourselves before God and make ourselves pleasing to Him through our own efforts, and so we ask Him to save and sustain us in His unwavering grace and help us rest in Christ’s work on our behalf.


We are repenters.  

  We repent of our hypocrisy and self-righteousness, and so we ask God to deliver us from doublemindedness and help us seek His righteousness above all.


We are repenters.    

We repent of valuing most what other people think, and so we ask God to help us value most what He thinks.


We are repenters.

We repent of withholding areas of our life from God’s command, and so we ask God to invade and overcome every part of us – our hopes, our desires, our dreams, our thoughts, our actions – and show us how to love Him and love others from a whole heart.


We are repenters.

We repent of seeking a life of ease and comfort, and so we ask God for the courage to pick up our crosses and follow Christ no matter the cost.


We are repenters.

We repent of taking pride in our own repentance, and so we ask God to remind us that salvation is all of grace and to humble us before the cross.

I am a repenter. Of all these things.

Are you?