Speaking Schedule

Leslie Leyland Fields has been publishing, speaking and teaching for more than twenty-five years. She speaks at seminars, universities, retreats, schools and conferences on a number of topics related to her books and articles. She can be contacted directly through email to schedule an appearance. A sampling of her current topics:

  • Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers: Finding Freedom from Hate and Hurt 

  • Fearless Parenting!: Finding Freedom from Christian Parenting Myths 

  • Every Single Heartbeat: Creating a Culture of Life

  • The Myth of "Successful" Parenting: Why the Best Techniques Don't Produce Christian Kids

  • The Art of Keeping Faith

  • The Spirit of Food: Eating and Drinking to the Glory of God

  • Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

  • Dazzled: The Radiant Literature of the Bible

  • Created to Create: Discovering the Artful Self


January 7           Kodiak Rotary
                           The Power of Forgiveness

January 28         The Debbie Chavez Show

 January 29           Chris Fabry Live!
                             Midday Connection with Andrea Lustria

February 16         Community Baptist Church: "Is Forgiveness Really Possible?"

February 19         The Pat WIlliams Show: Orlando, CA
                             American Family Radio

February 20,21   Homer Women's Conference: Three Sessions
                            Are You Listening? I am Calling: Faith. Freedom. Forgiveness.

February 23      Azusa, California
                          Azusa Pacific University
                          Chapel Speaker:  Lord of Our Bodies

February 24      New Life  Media: Laguna Beach, CA

February 26       The Bottom Line, LA

March 14-15      Normal, IL
                            Hearts at Home National Conference
                           Successful Parenting or Faithful Parenting?
                           Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers

April                  Grand Rapids, Michigan
                          Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing

                           Workshop: Writing Toward Reconciliation

                           Panel: Eat (and Write) with Joy! with Rachel Marie Stone and Ann Lappe Willis

                           Panel: Traveling Through Memoir: with Luci Shaw, Jeanne Murray Walker

                           Panel: The Benefit of Slow Reading (and Writing)

May 9                Kodiak, Alaska
                          Loving Our Families, Forgiving Our Enemies: Writing Toward Reconciliation

May 15:  Taping: Family Life Today: The Power of Forgiveness

                            Family Life Women: Forgiveness

May 17:            Bethlehem, N.H. Seminar: "You Shall Be Free, Indeed!"

May 18              Meredith, NH: "You Shall Be Free, Indeed!"

June 1                Nome, Alaska: Forgiveness From the Cross

Aug. 30-           Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop
  Sept 6            Harvester Island, Alaska

Oct.                   Lethbridge, Alberta
                           Freedom Parenting
                           The Power of Forgiveness

Nov. 8-9           Rochester, Minnesota
                          Hearts at Home Conference
                          "Successful" Parenting or Faithful Parenting?
                            Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers

November 10: Bethel University: "The Art of Keeping Faith"


January 16      Cedarville, Ohio
                         Grace Baptist Church Seminar:  "What are Children For?"

January 17      Cedarville, Ohio
                         Cedarville University Chapel: The Art of Keeping Faith

January 17      Cedarville, Ohio
                         Cedarville University Master Class: Writing Your One Necessity

January 17      Cedarville, Ohio
                         Cedarville University:  The Spirit of Food Dramatic Reading

February 6     Belton, Texas
                         University of Mary Hardin Baylor 
                         Chapel Message:  The Art of Keeping Faith

Feb. 6-8           Belton, Texas
                          University of Mary Hardin Baylor:  Liberal Arts Festival
                          Keynote:  Memoirist

February 11     Lynchburg, Virginia
                          Liberty University:  Academic Lecture Series
                          Topic:  Giving Up on the Culture Wars

February 11     Lynchburg, Virginia
                          St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
                          An Evening of Conversation with Leslie Leyland Fields
                          (Interviewed by Pastor David Etheridge)

February 13    Spring Arbor, Michigan
                          Spring Arbor University:  "FOCUS LECTURE SERIES"
                          Keynote:  Food as Sacrament

February 14     Spring Arbor, Michigan
                          FOCUS Workshop:  TBA

March 1             Chris Fabry Live!
                           Reaching Out to a Stranger
                           Listen Here: 

March 3             Champaign, Illinois
                          Keepin' The Faith with Steve Shoemaker
                          "Faith and Alaska"

April 15             The John and Kathy Show
                           WORD fm
                           "The Boston Tragedy and How Not to Maim with the Bible"

May 10              Escondido, California
                           Emmanuel Faith Community Church
                           Seminar:  Forgiving Our Mothers and Fathers

May 11              Escondido, California
                          Emmanuel Faith Community
                          Seminar:  What Are Children For?

Aug. 31 - 
 Sept. 7              Harvester Island, Alaska
                           Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop
                           For more info: /www.leslieleylandfields.com/slieleylandfields.com/p/harvester-island.html

Sept. 19            Irving, Texas
          20            Irving Bible Church: Parenting Conferece
                           Lunch with Parenting Ministries
           21            KEYNOTE: Parenting for Real
           21            Workshop:  Parenting Teens and Tweens


January 10       San Francisco
                          KFAX:  Year-End Food News Round-Up
January 12        WGRC:  End of Year Food News Round-Up
                            The Matter at Hand, with Larry Wiedman

April 6               Kodiak, Alaska
                           Community Baptist Church
                           Good Friday Drama:  Beneath the Cross

April 12             Pittsburg, NY
                           WORD FM:  The John and Kathy Show:
                           Ann Romney:  Mommy Wars or Economic Wars?

April 20            Grand Rapids, MI
                           Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing: 
                           The Spirit of Food Lunch Forum

April 20            Grand Rapids, MI
                           Calvin Festival:  "When Throats Are Parched:  Writing (on Deadline)
                           in the Land of Drought
                           With Bret Foster and Gina Ochsner

April 30            Lewisburg - Bloomsburg - Collegeport, PA
                           WGRC:  Interview:  "The Matter at Hand" with Larry Wiedman 
                           Ann Romney and the Mommy Wars

June 28             nationally syndicated
                           Chris Fabry Live!  "The Problem with Story"
                           Listen here: 

July                     The Matter at Hand:  Is the Gospel More Than a Story?
                            with Larry Weidman

July                     Albuquerque, NM
                            Interview with Peter Benson: The Gospel is More that a Story
                            ABQ Connect

July                     Pittsburg, NY
                            The John and Kathy Show:  WORD FM
                            The Gospel is More Than a Story
                            Interview with Shellie Tomlinson: Northern Girl Meets
                            "All Things Southern!"

Sept. 20, 21         Kodiak, AK
                            KCS:  Inservice
                            The Incarnational Classroom

Oct. 5-12             Lookout Mountain, GA
                            Covenant College:  Writer-in-Residence

Oct. 5-12             Lookout Mountain, GA
                            Covenant College Chapel: The Art of Keeping Faith

TBA                    Lookout Mountain, GA
                            Covenant College:  Public Reading

Nov. 12-20          Lookout Mountain, GA
                            Covenant College:  Writer-in-Residence


January 10          Griffin, GA
                           Interview with Peter Chagnon
                           Fasting, Diet, Health: Spiritual Responsibilities?

January 12          Ottawa, Canada
                           CHRI  99.1 FM
                           BookMark with Brock Tozer:
                           The Spirit of Food

January 12        Bath, NY
                           WVIN Family Life Radio
                           Interview with Kurt Goff
                           The Spirit of Food

January 12        San Francisco, CA
                           KFAX Lifeline

February 2        Albuquerque, NM
                            ABQ Connect with Peter Benson
                           Tiger Mothers:  What is Successful Parenting?

February 4        Alabama, Georgia, Florida
                            The Meeting House with Bob Crittendom:
                            Tiger Mother Parenting 

February 8        Kodiak, AK
                            Rotary: The Future of the Book

February 11       Lewisburg - Bloomberg, PA
                            Interview with Larry Weidman:
                            Tiger Mother Parenting?

February 12      Kodiak, AK
                            Betty Springer Hall
                            Mother-Daughter Tea:
                            "The Cost of Life"

February 22      Nashville, TN
                            Uprising Church
                            "The Spirit of Food and Body"

February 26       Kansas City
                             Keynote: Youthfront: Engage!
                             The 9 Most Dangerous Myths of Parenting

February 27       Kansas City
                             Jacob's Well Church
                             Sunday Sermon:  The Courage to Serve

March 2               Colorado Springs
                              Interview with Brett Stevens: Christian Tiger Mothers?

March 24           Seattle
                            KGNW: Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch
                             The Spirit of Food

April 15               online podcast
                             IAM (International Arts Movement)
                             Podcast interview with Christy Tennant

April 18              Chicago
                            Chris Fabry Live!  Interview: Feasting for the Soul!

April 20             San Francisco 
                            KFAX: Interview with Craig Roberts:
                            Good Friday, Earth Day: Redemption and Reconciliation

April 22              Albuquerque
                             The Morning Show with Birga Allen:
                             Good Friday/Earth Day:  Redemption and Reconciliation

April 22             Colorado Springs, CO
                            Taping with Jim Daly at Focus on the Family
                            Is Parenting Our Highest Calling?
                            Air Date:  TBA

Sept. 15              Anchorage, AK
                           Snow City Cafe
                           Fishing People of the North Symposium
                           The Heart of Fishing:  Reading

Sept. 27              Searcy, Arkansas
                            Pure Heart Ministries:  Harding University
                            Webinar:  The Relevant Church

Sept. 27               Kodiak, AK
                             Talk of the Rock Interview:  
                             Hooked!  True Stories of Obsession, Death and Love from 
                             Alaska's Commercial Fishing Men and Women

October 1           Hooked!  Losses, Love and Obsession with 
                            LLF, Toby Sullivan, Debbie Nielson, Mary Jacobs and Dale Pruitt

October 19         Los Angeles
                            Azusa Pacific University
                            Chapel: Beyond Creation Care

October 20         Corvallis, OR
                             Options Pregnancy Center: 25th Anniversary Fundraising Banquet
                             Contact:  Karen Tameling 541-758-3662

October 24          Santa Barbara, CA
                              Westmont College: Chapel

October 25           Santa Barbara, CA
                               Westmont College
                               Reading: Gender and Identity:
                               "One Skiff, Two Women, Wild Ocean"


January 20           Albuquerque, NM
                               KNKT 107.1 FM
                               ABQ Connect with Peter Benson
                               Interview + Call-in: "Is 'Successful' Parenting Possible?"

January 22           Lewisburg - Williamsport - Lewiston - Pottsville - Bloomsburg PA
                               Interview on Award-winning talk show, The Matter at Hand:
                               "Why Parenting Techniques Don't Produce Christian Kids"

February 22         Naperville, IL
                               Our Savior Lutheran Church
                               "Are Children Here for Our Happiness?"

March 17-27         Whidbey Island, Washington
                               MFA Residency: teaching and Readings

April 18                Chicago, Illinois
                              Women's Retreat:  Holy Trinity Church:
                              "Our One Necessity"

April 12                Chicago, Illinois
                              WMBI, "This is the Day"                              
                              Interview with Nancy Turner:  What is Successful Parenting?

April 17-19           Grand Rapids, MI
                               Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing
                               "The Art of Bloodletting:  Narrating Suffering onto the Shared Page"

April 21                Wheaton, Illinois
                               Wheaton College:  Reading: "A Constant Harvest"

April 21                 Wheaton, Illinois
                               Wheaton College:  Lowell-Grabill Judge, Master Class

May 5                    West Liberty, Ohio
                               West Liberty
                                First Fridays:  Successful Parenting?

June 10-12            Malibu, California
                               Family of Faith Network Conference:  workshop leader
                               1. Myths of Christian Parenting
                               2. Protecting the Family--for the Right Reasons

June 13                 Claremont, California
                              Baseline Community Church

July 24-Aug.3      Santa Fe, New Mexico
                               St. John's College:  MFA residency

Sept. 24-26           Anchorage, Alaska
                               Women's Retreat:  Honest to God
                               sponsored by Faith Christian Community.  (Sold out!)

October 7             Seattle, WA
                               Enlighten Cafe and Art Gallery
                              Celebration of "The Spirit of Food": 
                               Returning Integrity to the Act of Eating

October 21           Anchorage, AK
                              Anchorage CPC: Keynote: Fall Fundraiser
                              "What Pro-Life Really Means"

October 28          Nationwide
                              National Teleconference:  Freedom from Parenting Myths
                              Hosted by Pure Vision

November 1        Pittsburg, PA - Grantsville, MD
                             Interview:  "Listener's Cafe":  The Spirit of Food

November 2        Bellingham, Washington
                              The Debbie Chavez Show
                              "How Do we Better Connect Food and Gratitude?"

November 5         Albuquerque
                               Interview with Peter Benson
                               KBQ Connect: On Feasting and Fasting

November 9         Fresno, CA
                               Interview with Nanette and Jeremy
                               KDUVfm 88.9:  The Spirit of Food

November 14       Urbana, Illinois
                               Radio:  Illinois Public Media
                               "Keepin' the Faith"
                               Interview with Leslie Leyland Fields 
                               and Jeanne Murray Walker
                               "The Spirit of Food"

November 16       Interview: The Larry Wideman Show
                               Deepening the Connection between Food and Gratitude

November 14        Eagle River, Alaska
                                Community Covenant Church:
                                Sermon:  Recovering Our Call
                                Contact: mark@communitycovenant.net

Nov. 14 7:00pm   Recovering Our Call:  What is a Parent's Highest Call?
                               Recovering Our Call:  Successful Parenting or Faithful Parenting?

November 15        Eagle River, AK
                               The Spirit of Food Feast! A Celebration of God's Tables

November 18       Atlanta, GA
                               Interview with Rick Probst: Deepening the Connection between 
                               Food and Faith

November 22       Minneapolis/St. Paul
                               Interview:  The Spirit of Food and Thanksgiving

November 22       St. Louis, MO
                               Interview:  The Spirit of Food and Thanksgiving

November 23      Griffin, Georgia
                               WMVV 90.7
                               Interview with Peter Chagnon: The Spirit of Food