Leslie Leyland Fields is a multi-award winner writer who has been publishing, speaking and teaching for more than thirty years. She speaks at universities, prisons, retreats, churches, seminaries, schools and conferences around the world on a number of topics related to her books and articles. She can be contacted directly through email (leslieleylandfields@gmail.com) to schedule an appearance. A sampling of her current topics:


Writing Workshops  Leslie offers 1 - 5 day Nonfiction writing workshops for the beginning writer to advanced, teaching not only the craft and art of composing meaningful essays, books and stories, but she also explores the many connections between Faith and Art, including writing as a Biblical calling, and the scriptural power of language to make and unmake the world. (Workshops can also focus on particular topics: "Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography," "Writing Powerful Blogs," "Writing a Winning Book Proposal."

Surviving the Island of Grace: Through stories from the hilarious to the tragic, Leslie shares from her 40 year marriage, her 29 years of raising 6 children, her adventures as part of a commercial salmon fishing family living on a remote island off the coast of Kodiak, Alaska and her journey of forgiveness toward her estranged father, all illuminating what it means to "be saved by grace, through faith."   

Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith: Leslie brings the gospel stories to new and life through highlights from her award-winning book, Crossing the Waters: Following Jesus through the Storms, the Fish, the Doubt and the SeasHow did those first disciples move from doubt to belief? Their journey is not like our own----filled with mistakes, pride, failures and wrong assumptions. We visit some of the most dramatic events in the gospels, highlighted through Leslie’s slides of fishing in both Alaska and on the Sea of Galilee to bring a fresh understanding of faith and what it truly means to Follow Jesus. 


UNSTOPPABLE! The Jesus Way to Healing and Peace

Before Jesus returned to heaven, he said to his disciples, “My peace I leave unto you.” Where is this peace? We live in an angry, divided nation; many of us live in fractured families. Hurts and wounds abound. But reconciliation and healing is available to all of us! In this intimate day-long workshop, through drama, story, and interactive scriptures, Leslie will lead us in recovering the out-of-this-world peace that Jesus promised.


You Shall Be Free Indeed! Finding Freedom from Hurt and Hate
Unresolved issues with a parent or other family members often spill over unintentionally into our own family lives. How can we be free from the hurts our parents have brought us? How can we pass on blessing to our own children when we have not been blessed? Leslie shares her story of forgiving her difficult father and the difference it has made in her own family’s life, and shares real-life biblical principles that will help you move from hate and hurt toward mercy and freedom, both in your relationship with your parents (and parents-in-law) and with your own children. 

Waging Peace: Journaling to Healing and Reconciliation (Also offered as a webinar series. Details TBA)  Leslie shares her own forgiveness stories then leads participants through a series of exercises that encourage confession, honesty, and empathy, leading toward forgiveness and reconciliation. Leslie has used this material fruitfully in prisons, conferences, and workshops.

Feasting on God: Finding Your Place at Heaven's Table
A message for all seeking a place at the heavenly table! Leslie will take us on a sumptuous food journey through the scriptures, from the garden of Genesis to the Marriage supper of the Lamb, staying to feast in particular on the most astonishing meal of all: the bread and wine of the broken body of Christ, who is himself given “for the life of the world.” Come, the feast has already begun!

'Successful' Parenting or Faithful Parenting?: What God's Word Really Says about Raising "Christian Kids"
We all know the statistics (ranging from depressing to despairing) about the numbers of young people leaving the church. We wonder, Is it really possible to impart a lasting faith to our children? And if so, how much of this is God’s work and how much is ours?  In this provocative session, Leslie will expose  some popular Christian myths and cultural assumptions about transmitting our faith and replace them with truths gained from parents in the scriptures that ultimately free us from pride, failure and fear.  
Based on Parenting is Your Highest Calling . . . and Eight Other Myths that Trap Us in Worry and Guilt

Why Parenting is Not Our Highest Calling, No  Matter How Many Kids You have---and Why This is Terrific Good News for All
When was the last time you heard a sermon on these words from Jesus? “Anyone one who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me . . .” ?   Yet these words and Jesus’ summation of the Commandments (“Love God ….  Love your neighbor) deliver such good news for mothers! News we all desperately need. We’re all so tempted to make our family our highest calling, which turns out badly for all. Come hear this compelling call to return to our first and highest love. Then, and only then can we love our children rightly and well.

What the Heck are Children “For” Anyway?
For taking out the garbage? For keeping us in a constant state of humility, if not outright humiliation? But admit it, Christian women are often subtly lured into motherhood with promises of happiness, hot chocolate+marshmellows and deep fulfillment. But when Real Life strikes, as if often does---at the breakfast table, in the car on the way to church, when our teen breaks curfew and maybe even the law---we’re not feeling either happy or fulfilled. (Is there a reason that verse reads, “happy is the man whose quiver is full?” instead of “happy is the woman . .. ?”)  Motherhood is so much harder than any of us knew! But when we turn from our own failed expectations of ourselves and our children to God’s grand and startling purposes for children, we can rediscover joy, even astonishment that God has given us this yes, overwhelming, but magnificent role in the building of His kingdom.

Created to Create: Glorifying God through the Work of our Hands




Jan. 5, Banning, California State Prison: Forgiveness Workshops

Feb. 11Stellenbosch, South Arica: Christ Church: Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith

Feb.  13 Capetown, South Africa: George Whitefield College: Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith

Feb. 14: Capetown, SA: Why Parenting is Not Our Highest Calling

Feb. 16 - 18, Capetown, Writing Workshop

Feb 22-24, Bloemfontaine, South Africa

    *Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith

    *Parenting Seminar

March 2, Pretoria: Reading

March 3: Johanesburg, South Africa: Christian Writing Fair: Keynote

 March 17:  Capetown (Township), SA: Parenting Seminar

April 2-6: The Hague, Netherlands: 

April 12 - 14 Grand Rapids, Michigan: Featured Speaker: Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing 

 April 19, Bratislava, Slovakia: New Psalms for the Journey: A Psalms-writing workshop

April 20, Bratislava: Book launch and reading

  April  21Keynote: Forum Bratislava, Slovakia: Women's Conference

April 27      Grenoble, France: Women's Breakfast: Where is God in Our                                                      Trials?

April 28 - 29  Lyon, France:  Conference Keynote

Sept. 2 - 9  Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop w/ Ann Voskamp



Jan. 4, KFAX: "Crossing the Waters": Lifeline with Craig Roberts

Jan. 26 -29 New Smyrna Beach Writer's Retreat. 

                   Crossing the Waters: Book Group

                   Crossing the Waters: Missional Meeting

Feb 4: Podcast with Anita Lustria: Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith

February 22: Live Webinar: Undaunted! The Jesus Way to Healing and Peace

March 7: Crossing the Waters: From Doubt to Faith: Glen Eyrie: Nav HQ

March 8: Phillip Yancey and Leslie Leyland Fields in Conversation: Christ and Creativity: The Downing Center

March  22: Fearless! Overcoming the Seven Fears that Paralyze Every Writer:  Writing for Your Life Webinar

May 4, Focus on the Family: taping interviews

Sept. 2 - 9, Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop with Phillip Yancey

Sept. 12-15 Pasadena, CA: Fuller Seminary: The Frederick Buechner Writing for Your Life Seminar

Oct. 5, Grand Rapids: Inspire! Reading Event: Baker Book House

Oct. 6-7  Grand Rapids, MI   Keynote: Breathe Writer's Conference

Oct.  8   Grand Rapids, MI  Center for Faith and Writing: Reading and Discussion on Creativity and Calling. 3:00 pm Covenant Fine Arts Bldg.

Nov. 7    Madison, WI   Your Story for His Glory: Writing Spiritual                                                    Memoir

Nov. 9 - 12 Lake Michigan Writer's Workshop, Oostburg, Wisconsin



Jan. 15  Pittsburg, WORD FM: Aging Faithfully and Beautifully

Feb. 14 Dramatic Reading: "What Can Separate Us?" Community Baptist Church

Feb. 15    KCS Inservice: Teaching Like Jesus: The Paradox of Parables

Feb. 16     MOPS, "Successful Parenting or Faithful Parenting?"

April 11, 12   Lynchburg, VirginiaLiberty University Lecture Series:

                      "Created to Create: Redeeming the Culture through Art and              Story

April 14 - 16 Grand Rapids  Festival of Faith & Writing

      *Writing from Land & Sea: A Conversation with Brent Bill, Paul                             

            Willis and Leslie Leyland Fields

       *Blogging or Blathering? LLF, Amy Julia Becker, Katelyn Beaty

        *The Stages in a Writer's Life: Sarah Zarr, Leslie Leyland Fields, 

           Jeanne Murray Walker, Luci Shaw


April 18 Grand Rapids, Cornerstone University

            *Chapel: The Courage to Serve

            *Creative Writing Class: Flash Nonfiction

May 13: KAMP: The Freedom to Forgive

May  20: KAMP: Writing Toward Reconciliation

July 22 - 27  Retreat with Scot McKnight

Sept. 3-10    Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop with Luci Shaw and 

                    Jeanne Murray Walker

Sept. 26  The Reconnect with Carmen Lebarge

Sept. 29 Let's Talk with Mark Elstrand: Chiacgo

Oct. 1  Kodiak Galley Tables: "Extra Tough"

Oct. 13 Crossing theWaters: Chris Fabry Live! 

Oct. 13 Connecting Faith 

Nov. 26 California, Forgiveness Workshops: Larry Smith Correctional Facility




February         Chicago, "Up for Debate": Should Mothers Work Outside the Home?"

March 9           Pittsburg, New York: WORD: "The Greatest Call"

March 10         Albuquerque, KABQ: What is Our Highest Calling?

March 24, 25   Olivet Nazarene University: Forgiveness

April 24 - 26   Wasilla. Women's Retreat: You Shall be Free Indeed!

Sept. 1-8  Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop

Oct. 8-10 Family Life Today: Finding Freedom from Hurt and Hate

Nov.18,19 Focus on the Family: Forgiving Our Parents




January 7           Kodiak Rotary
                          The Power of Forgiveness
January 28         The Debbie Chavez Show
January 29         Chris Fabry Live!            
                          Midday Connection with Andrea Lustria
February 16        Community Baptist Church: "Is Forgiveness Really Possible?"
February 19        The Pat WIlliams Show: Orlando, CA
                           American Family Radio
February 20,21   Homer Women's Conference: Three Sessions
                           Are You Listening? I am Calling: Faith. Freedom. Forgiveness.
February 23        Azusa, California
                           Azusa Pacific University
                           Chapel Speaker:  Lord of Our Bodies
February 24        New Life  Media: Laguna Beach, CA
February 26        The Bottom Line, LA
March 14-15      Normal, IL
                           Hearts at Home National Conference
                           Successful Parenting or Faithful Parenting?
                           Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers
April                   Grand Rapids, Michigan
                           Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing
                           Workshop: Writing Toward Reconciliation
                           Panel: Eat (and Write) with Joy! with Rachel Marie Stone    and Ann Lappe Willis
                           Panel: Traveling Through Memoir: with Luci Shaw, Jeanne Murray Walker
                           Panel: The Benefit of Slow Reading (and Writing)
May 9                 Kodiak, Alaska
                           Loving Our Families, Forgiving Our Enemies: Writing Toward Reconciliation
May 15:              Taping: Family Life Today: The Power of Forgiveness
                           Family Life Women: Forgiveness
May 17:              Bethlehem, N.H. Seminar: "You Shall Be Free, Indeed!"
May 18               Meredith, NH: "You Shall Be Free, Indeed!"
June 1                 Nome, Alaska: Forgiveness From the Cross
Aug. 30-             Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop
  Sept 6               Harvester Island, Alaska
Oct.                    Lethbridge, Alberta
                           Freedom Parenting
                           The Power of Forgiveness
Nov. 8-9             Rochester, Minnesota
                           Hearts at Home Conference
                           "Successful" Parenting or Faithful Parenting?
                           Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers
November 10:     Bethel University: "The Art of Keeping Faith"

January 16          Cedarville, Ohio
                           Grace Baptist Church Seminar:  "What are Children For?"
January 17          Cedarville, Ohio
                           Cedarville University Chapel: The Art of Keeping Faith
January 17          Cedarville, Ohio
                           Cedarville University Master Class: Writing Your One Necessity
January 17          Cedarville, Ohio
                           Cedarville University:  The Spirit of Food Dramatic Reading
February 6         Belton, Texas
                          University of Mary Hardin Baylor
                          Chapel Message:  The Art of Keeping Faith
Feb. 6-8             Belton, Texas
                          University of Mary Hardin Baylor:  Liberal Arts Festival
                          Keynote:  Memoirist
February 11       Lynchburg, Virginia
                          Liberty University:  Academic Lecture Series
                          Topic:  Giving Up on the Culture Wars
February 11       Lynchburg, Virginia
                          St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
                          An Evening of Conversation with Leslie Leyland Fields
                          (Interviewed by Pastor David Etheridge)
February 13       Spring Arbor, Michigan
                          Spring Arbor University:  "FOCUS LECTURE SERIES"
                          Keynote:  Food as Sacrament
February 14       Spring Arbor, Michigan
                          FOCUS Workshop:  TBA
March 1            Chris Fabry Live!
                          Reaching Out to a Stranger
March 3             Champaign, Illinois
                          Keepin' The Faith with Steve Shoemaker
                          "Faith and Alaska"
April 15             The John and Kathy Show
                          WORD fm
                          "The Boston Tragedy and How Not to Maim with the Bible"
May 10              Escondido, California
                          Emmanuel Faith Community Church
                          Seminar:  Forgiving Our Mothers and Fathers
May 11              Escondido, California
                          Emmanuel Faith Community
                          Seminar:  What Are Children For?
Aug. 31 - 
 Sept. 7              Harvester Island, Alaska
                          Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop
Sept. 19             Irving, Texas
          20            Irving Bible Church: Parenting Conferece
                          Lunch with Parenting Ministries
           21           KEYNOTE: Parenting for Real
           21           Workshop:  Parenting Teens and Tweens