Leslie has been teaching, publishing, editing and speaking for more than thirty years nationally and internationally. She speaks at conferences, universities, churches, prisons, and retreats on a number of topics related to her books and essays (a sample here below). If you wish to schedule an appearance, write Leslie directly at leslieleylandfields@gmail.com

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(1 - 3 day presentation)

What does it really mean to follow Jesus? Using multi-media, Leslie takes you across the waters of time and culture to follow along after those first fishermen disciples in Galilee---and to her own life on the waters of Alaska. She’ll highlight some of the most dramatic events of the gospels--and her own life in commercial fishing in Alaska---with storms, bursting nets and sea crossings, revealing fresh truths about Jesus and a life of faith. In a time when so many are “unfollowing” Jesus and leaving the Church, Crossing the Waters delivers a refreshing encounter with Jesus and explores what it truly means to “come, follow me.” (Based on Leslie's award-winning Crossing the Waters: Following Jesus through the Storms, the Fish, the Doubt and the Seas )

Tell a Better Story: Writing Spiritual Memoir  (1 – 3 day workshop)

What is the story God is writing through your life? If yours is anything like mine, it will be a story of God working through your weaknesses and brokenness to woo and forgive and draw you to Himself.  Will it be a perfect fairy-tale story? Of course not! Consider the Psalms. Ecclesiastes. Consider the gospels and the stumbling disciples. There are no sanitized versions of peoples' lives in the Scriptures;there are only true stories. In discovering and showing and telling the truth, in vivid prose, about ourselves and about God, we’ll create an unforgettable account that will tell our story and showcase God’s Glory.

What IS the redemptive story God is writing through your life? Let’s gather and begin!


Loving The Wonder Years: living Abundantly and joyfully in the second half of life (1 - 3 days)

As women enter the last half of their lives, they often struggle with an emptying nest, with dying dreams, with a sense of loss, invisibility and limitation, and with fears about aging and the years ahead. Leslie kicks the stuffing out of those fears with humor, sass, and biblical wisdom, enabling us to age honestly, wisely, faithfully, with parties, laughter and deep theology along the way.  

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Even When No One Listens: The Beautiful Persistence of Serving God

How do we keep on following and serving God in the midst of trials, struggle, and a hostile world? Where do we find the courage to "keep the faith" when all around us it seems people are "unfollowing" Jesus? I'll share part of my own life story through storms and trials, and will follow as well the life of Ezekiel who was called to very hard things: Ezekiel's response to the call and the shocking outcome gives us a remarkable roadmap for us as we engage with apathy, belief and unbelief in our own families and culture.

NEW PSALMS FOR OUR JOURNEY (1 - 3 day retreat/workshop)

The Psalms have been given as God's prayer and song book to the Church. Somehow He has inspired the psalmists to not only rejoice and praise God but also to lament and worry and complain to God! Perhaps we should do the same? Leslie shares a personal and powerful means of entering the scriptures and writing our own songs, prayers and laments, while simultaneously lifting our individual voices and experience into the choral narrative of the Church through the ages.



(1 - 3 day presentation)

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." "As much as it is possible, live at peace with all men." In this contentious and indifferent world, in a politically divided nation, how do we live as peace makers at home, in our churches, in our communities and nation? Personal real-life narratives are braided around the life of Jesus, who lived in a particularly tumultuous time and culture. Through example and paradox, Jesus will show us the way through conflict to the power of peacemaking.


Can we really change the world? Yes, it's possible---through forgiveness. In this intimate 2 hour seminar, Leslie will lead participants through dramatic story, interactive scriptures and journaling exercises that lead toward forgiveness and the healing of broken relationships. (Based on her book, Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers." )

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'Successful' Parenting or Faithful Parenting?: What God's Word Really Says about Raising "Christian Kids"

We all know the statistics (ranging from depressing to despairing) about the numbers of young people leaving the church. We wonder, Is it really possible to impart a lasting faith to our children? And if so, how much of this is God’s work and how much is ours?  In this provocative session, Leslie will expose some popular Christian myths and cultural assumptions about transmitting our faith and replace them with truths gained from parents in the scriptures that ultimately free us from pride, failure and fear.  
Based on Parenting is Your Highest Calling . . . and Eight Other Myths that Trap Us in Worry and Guilt


Why Parenting is Not Our Highest Calling--and Why This is Terrific Good News for All

When was the last time you heard a sermon on these words from Jesus? “Anyone one who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me . . .” ?   Yet these words and Jesus’ summation of the Commandments (“Love God ….  Love your neighbor) deliver such good news for mothers! News we all desperately need. We’re all so tempted to make our family our highest calling, which turns out badly for all. Come hear this compelling call to return to our first and highest love. Then, and only then can we love our children rightly and well.



In this seminar, Leslie will identify the most dangerous parenting myths, replacing our human-centered notions of parenting with Biblical truths. These truths will free us from the impossible loads of guilt we carry and empower us to raise our children with love, wisdom and grace.




We live in a narrative age where even a box of breakfast cereal has a story to tell. In our anxious over-storied culture, where personal narratives and “personal truths” have eclipsed facts and "Truth,” is there still a place for ours? Fields, through her own incredible story, will present compelling arguments for distinctive story-making in the midst of a story-saturated world. Prepare to be inspired!


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If we believe we’ve been called by God to write, what then can we expect from our labors? Through a dramatic retelling of the lives of two biblical “writers,” one a bestseller, the other an utter failure, as well as stories of her own success and disasters, Leslie will share unshakeable secrets toward cultivating a truly "successful" writing life. 

Leslie's Speaking Schedule



April 15 - 18, Grand Rapids, MI: Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing

April 25-27 Texas: Chrysostom Society

July 14 - 20 Harvester Island: Spiritual Retreat

Sept. 1 - 8 Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop


Feb. 1, 8 Kodiak (KAMP): Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness

Feb. 22 - 24: Victoria, Texas: Women's Conference: Keynote

                      Sunday morning service

March 22 - 24, Atlanta, George: The Northern Pen Workshop:

“Speak to the Bones: Writing Life Stories”

April 5,6: Homer, Alaska Loving Well Women’s Conference

April 26 - 28: Glen Eyrie, Colorado, NavWorld Conference: with Philip Yancey and Leslie Leyland Fields

*TED-style talk: The Power and Paradox of Peacemaking

*Keynote: “Even When No One Listens: The Beautiful Persistence of Serving God”

*”What Does it Mean to be a Successful Parent?”

July 14 - 20:   Harvester Island, Alaska, The Spirit of Food Retreat with Norm Wirzba and Melissa D'Arabian and Leslie

Sept 1 - 8.:  Harvester Island, Alaska, The Harvester Island Wilderness Retreat with Barbara Brown Taylor

Oct. 4 - 6  Lyon, France: Women's Retreat (LifeSprings International)

Oct. 31 - Nov. 3: Lake Michigan Writers' Workshop

Nov. 5,6 Madison, WI: The Upper House

*The Wonder Years Breakfast

*Living an Artful Life

*All-day seminar: “Tell a Better Story: Discovering, Writing and Sharing Your Life Story”


Feb. 13. Cape Town: George Whitefield College
Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith

Feb. 14: Cape Town, GWC
     *Is Parenting Our Highest Calling?

Feb. 16-18: Cape Town: Creative Writing Workshop

Feb. 20, Stellenboesch, Christ Church
 Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith

Feb 22-24, Bloemfontaine, South Africa
    *Crossing the Waters from Doubt to Faith
    *Parenting Seminar: What Are Children “For”?

March 3: Johannesburg, South Africa: Christian Writing Fair:

*Why the World Still Needs Your Story (and how to tell it)
*Overcoming the 7 Terrors Every Writer Faces

March 17, Khyalitsa Township, South Africa, “Parenting with Passion and Grace”

 April 12 – 14  Grand Rapids, Michigan  Festival of Faith and Writing
                   *”Do I Have to Be a ‘Christian Writer?’”
                   *Tribute to Luci Shaw

                    *Book Launch Reading: The Wonder Years

April 19: Bratislava, Slovakia: New Psalms for the Journey Workshop

April 20: Lunch Forum: Vocation and Faith

April 21: Bratislava: “Crossing the Waters Seminar"  9am -4 pm

April 27: Grenoble, France: Where is God in Our Trials?

May 10: Kodiak, Alaska: Reading: The Wonder Years
April 28  - 29  Lyon, France: The Myth of the Perfect Parent

May 24:  Chris Fabry Live! The Wonder Years

                The Georgene Rice Show: The Wonder Years

                 The Debbie Chavez Show: The Wonder Years

Sept. 2 – 9  Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop with Ann Voskamp

Oct. 22 - 29 Ulaanbataar, Mongolia: Teaching in School of Ministry

                     Parenting Seminar: Parenting in Freedom and Grace

                     Sunday Sermon: