The Ten Best (and Worst?) Posts of 2016





It's a wind-stormy day today in Kodiak, when the wind lifts the ocean like a veil, spinning me around. The calendar tells me as well: it is time to remember.

 This first week of January, who can resist the retrospective “Top Ten” lists which take account of even things that can't be counted? (For a shortcut to all things best and worst, try this from Time magazine, the Top 10 of Everything, 2016 .

 In the spirit of imitation, enumeration and retrospection, I humbly offer my own, as determined not by me but by YOU---by the most comments, email notes and social media shares. 

Perhaps I should also include "My 10 Worst Posts of 2016"? My worst writing is anything that emerges from obligation, resentment, small-mindedness, a desire to impress, and/or a beat-the-clock kind of panic. I try to eliminate those kind of words before they're posted, but I'm sure some sneak by. Feel free to contribute your nominations for that category! (smiley face---sort of.) 

Here they are. 



Why Your Sin Makes You Perfect 

 You got a dark sinful heart and you know it? Welcome in, Brother! Come on down, sister! Join this boatload of sinners! (See why your sin makes you perfect for God.)






When the New Year Storms In

"We are all  in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe one another a terrible loyalty." 





For All Insomniacs & Artists After Midnight Besotted with Their Brilliance

Answering the age-old question: Why are we so brilliant at 3 a.m. and so painfully average when we awake? 





180 Packs of Gum: Shopping the Warehouses of the World

 The antidote to our obsession with shop-till-you-drop   Buy-Now-Pay-Later,  Super-Stuff-Me,  Pay-Less-and-Shop-For-More gigantic ground-to-sky warehouses of STUFF.




Stop Trying to Make Your Kids Happy!!

How to parent our kids toward REAL happiness.






Extravagance and Exhaustion

When we are called to love and serve so many, how do we keep going?



A Party for Words and Laying Down My Idol

How do we know we’re doing what God asks of us?




Why is Some “Christian Art” So Terrible?

There’s bad art everywhere, but how can we make sure that our art is worthy of our calling?




The Trouble with Wine, Body and Blood


Christ gave his life, which is to say Christ gave his ankles, hands, back, clavicle, knees, wrists, neck, forehead. He gave his hunger, his thirst, his cramping legs, his aching lungs. Christ gave his breath, his spit, his skin, his blood.   WHY does this matter to us?




Surviving Your Island of Grace

When I felt like I could no longer survive my faraway island in Alaska, here is what I finally learned. 



Next week, maybe I should post the Top 10 Comments from YOU, beloved readers and writers!???   You all share such wisdom with me. When I read your comments, I often stop, sniffle, cover my hands in wonder, thank God,  pray for your blessing and good.         

Thank you.


May God continue to make this space a holy place where all are welcome, where all open their hearts to Him who made us and loves us.