Join Us for the 1st Annual Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop!

Are you a writer or photographer?  What about spending a week on my fishcamp island with me and a handful of other writers-artists-photographers?

My studio, where we'll have our workshops.

You can don raingear and  join us in catching fish in the skiff!

I've never opened my island to others this way-----but God has give me a desire to share the astonishing bounty, rawness and beauty of this wild place with fellow God-hungry seekers. 

The special week: August 31 - September 7, 2013. 

What will we do, we hungry thirsters?

Mornings will be spent in workshops with intensive and supportive guidance from Gina Ochsner ( and myself, both award-winning writers and veteran teachers. (Fiction writers will meet with Gina. Creative Nonfiction writers will meet with Leslie, with some workshops combined.)  Photographers will be instructed by a (fantastic) professional photographer who lives in Kodiak, Carol Scott. (Bonus! Carol will join us on many of our outings giving hands-on photography advice for all!) 
How we get there---float plane or bush plane from Kodiak.

Afternoons will feature optional activities: whale watching, wildlife viewing, mountain and beach hiking.  Each evening---are ready?---we will prepare our own fresh seafood dinner, followed by (yes, dishes) then readings, music, and special events both literary and Alaskan.  BUT---you can "retreat" from any of these activities as you choose and simply hole up and write to your soul's content.

Learn how to make smoked salmon

Learn how to eat smoked salmon!!

Fin whales--a constant presence around the island.

It's wilderness, make no mistake, but it's not too heathen or savage. Heated cabins, double occupancy.  But it IS a wilderness island!  We use an OUTHOUSE and BANYA.  The banya is a Russian style wood-fired steambath in a separate building.   

Our beautiful 2-seater outhouse! 

I am SO excited to invite you! I have a few spaces left (limited to 10.)  Details---all you need to know---are here:/ 

But please write with any questions you have:  

I will let the work of God's hands speak the last word ..